What are the different kinds of trackers?

There are two main types of trackers: Active and Passive.

Active trackers use motors, irradiance sensors, timers or other programs to follow on the suns path on either a single axis or dual axis.

Passive trackers use the weight of a gaseous refrigerant in a sealed frame to track the sun. They tend to react slower in colder climates and can only be a single axis.

  • Single axis trackers are at a fixed tilt and follows the sun from east to west (azimuth angle).
  • Dual axis trackers follow that same east to west movement along with changing the tilt angle to follow the suns altitude.
  • Tilt and roll trackers are single axis trackers but work a little differently. They have a main beam that runs north to south that the panels 'roll" over throughout the day.

Single-Axis Tracker

Dual-Axis Tracker

Tilt & Roll Tracker