Solar farms are nothing new , the first 1MW farm was installed in Hesperia, California at the end of 1982,[2] followed in 1984 by a 5.2 MWp installation in Carrizo Plain. Both have been decommissioned but hundreds have followed.

In 2010 Sarnia Ont briefly had the largest solar power plant in the world coming in at 97 MW. 

Albertas largest is about 3MW however there are plans for projects in Alberta as big as 80MW.  

Southern Alberta

Southern Alberta is a vast area that contains some of the best solar resources in the world.

If 1000 Watts of solar modules are connected and contain the following parameters.

  • Module type: Standard
  • Array type: Open Rack
  • System losses (%): 14%
  • Tilt angle: Cities Latitude
  • Azimuth angle: True South or North

Providing clean renewable energy for thousands of homes

This would be the total kWh/ per year of each of the following cities.

Edmonton : 1.320 kWh

Calgary : 1,455 kWh

Kelowna : 1,176 kWh

Saskatoon : 1,523 kWh

Phoenix : 1,757 kWh

Berlin : 867 kWh

Sydney : 1,414 kWh

Cairo : 1,563 kWh

New Delhi : 1,412 kWh

Mexico City : 1,433 kWh

London : 903 kWh

Hong Kong : 1,050 kWh

Rome : 1,092 kWh

Other Trades

Solar farms are not just the work of one contractor, as it takes a group of contractors to make it happen. We work with dedicated professionals to have the project running in no time.

  • Civil
  • Fencing
  • Trucking