Whether your a DIY person looking to do a weekend project or a large company looking at building a solar farm, our knowledgable staff can help you at any point during the process.

For all of your solar needs, we've got you covered

Extending utilities can cost thousands of dollars. See how Centre Star's off-grid solutions can save you time and money.

Electrical bills can be quite large in commercial settings, however businesses have a unique opportunity to become leaders in their own industry while saving money on electrical bills.

Are you a home owner looking to positively impact to the environment and save money while  doing it?  We can help you through each step in meeting your renewable energy goals.

With Southern Alberta's vast solar resources, solar farm discussions are increasing for the region. Find out what we can do.

Is your PV system  underperforming or just not performing at all? Our trained technicians can diagnose where the issue is quickly and have your system up and running properly again in no time.

Residential and commercial solar PV systems generally do not need a lot of maintenance however some is necessary to keep your PV system running.  Centre Star Energy offers tips and services  to keep your system working efficiently.

Are you an agricultural producer with a farm distribution rate class on your electrical bill? There's a rebate for you! Contact us to find out how we can help.