Alberta's Residential & Commercial Incentive Program

​The  Rebate Program Is Here!


Fixed Per-Watt Rebate


  • $0.75 per watt
  • up to 15kW in size
  • limited to the lesser of 30%of eligible system costs or $10,000


  • $0.75 per watt
  • ​up to 5MW in size
  • ​limited to the lesser of 25% of eligible system costs or $500,000


  • It  be a grid connected PV system  in accordance with the Micro-Generation Regulation
  • ​Are not eligible for any other provincial solar incentive programs
  • ​Have not already received an incentive for a solar PV system on the same property
  • ​Are not receiving combined government incentives in excess of 100% of system costs
  • Own the property
  • ​System is designed and installed by a qualified installer using CSA approved components