Radian Series GS8048A/GS4048A (60Hz)

  • Grid-tied and stand-alone capable
  • 8000 and 4000 Watts of continuous power
  • Minimizes grid dependence
  •  Adjustable input/output voltage
  • Dual AC inputs
  • Field serviceable


Vented GVFX3648 (60Hz)

  • Grid-tied system
  • Power available in the event of a blackout 
  • Average efficiency of 91%
  • Unmatched ability to utilize solar resources

Outback Power

​Outback Power was founded in 2001 (by the Midnite Solar founder) and has operational products around the world.  They design and manufacture power electronics for off-grid, grid-tied and battery based PV systems, built to withstand the worlds harshest environments.

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