See how off-grid energy can help you

Off Grid Communities

Did you know that parts of Jasper live off grid! Off grid living does not just pertain to single dwellings and can include entire communities that are disconnected from the broader regional infrastructure.  Much of the  arctic actually live off the grid while communities and counties across  Canada are looking at solar PV to clean their immediate environment while becoming leaders in their regions.

dollars.  Even after that is done, there are still the monthly bills to worry about. Off grid systems offer a cheaper  alternative while producing a cleaner energy.

Why Off Grid?

In todays day and age, it may be hard to believe why someone would want to live off the grid  however in most cases it is just the most sensible choice. 

Often times the local utility can make the choice easy for Canadians to live off the grid. When a location, mainly rural properties need to have the grid extended by the utility  it can often cost thousands of

What we can do

Although the applications of off grid solar PV systems  can range from a small cabin to an entire community the components and theory remain the same. At Centre Star Energy we will perform a site analysis and load analysis to determine the system that is needed  to make your location fully sustainable today.