Is Alberta a good place for solar energy?

 Alberta, particularly southern Alberta  actually have some of the best solar resources in the world! As of late, countries such as China, Japan and USA (and previously Germany) are at the forefront of total installed watts, however Alberta has better annual solar exposure than those places (exception to parts of USA).

If 1000 Watts of solar modules are connected and contain the following parameters.

Module type: Standard
Array type: Open Rack
System losses (%): 14%
Tilt angle: Cities Latitude
Azimuth angle: True South or North

This would be the total kWh/ per year of each of the following cities.
Edmonton : 1.320 kWh
Calgary : 1,455 kWh
Kelowna : 1,176 kWh
Saskatoon : 1,523 kWh
Phoenix : 1,757 kWh
Berlin : 867 kWh
Sydney : 1,414 kWh
Cairo : 1,563 kWh
New Delhi : 1,412 kWh
Mexico City : 1,433 kWh
London : 903 kWh
Hong Kong : 1,050 kWh
Rome : 1,092 kWh