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On April 12th,  2018, Bill 10 was introduced as a way to finance energy efficient products, including solar, with the home. If passed it will allow municipalities to cover the initial payment and then recover those costs through property taxes over the life of the system. This would also carry on to the next owner if the home is sold.  For more, click below.


Do you have renewable solar energy goals? We can help! Our consultation service is a simple two step process. It all begins by contacting us so we can learn about your energy needs and provide you with a preliminary design from the office. From there we will perform a solar site assessment to inspect final details to ensure the property is suitable for solar and provide any other additional information.


Now it's time to start putting those plans into action! On the day of  installation our trained staff show up to the location and go right to work installing your new solar PV system in a safe and professional manner.  


So the systems up, looks great but there's still one last step. . Each installed system undergoes a full quality control test before the initial start-up. We guarantee the system has been installed in the manner in which it was designed.



Once we have all the information we need from the site visit, we work on designing a system that specifically meets your renewable solar energy goals. After the final design is finished and approved by  you, an installation date is set.

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There are many different incentives for solar provided around Alberta. The most popular has to be the residential and commercial solar program. This saves up to 30% for residential, 25% for commercial and most properties are eligible! Contact us for more info.

Centre Star Energy understands that we are only as good as our last job.  Our qualified staff have a strong  knowledge of the Canadian Electric Code and a passion for providing long lasting systems. Along with implemented control measures , we can assure each system will be installed with the highest of quality.



Centre Star Energy takes great pride in providing all services pertaining to solar photovoltaic systems. Whether you're thinking about having solar modules installed to having troubles with your current system, Centre Star Energy can help. We pride ourselves in covering all your solar needs.

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